Saturday, 19 October 2013

One of my all time favourite looks I have done was created on the fantastic model Bethany Griffin and photography done by Natalia Walton, the outfit was designed and made by Charlotte Tuthill.

Beth had shaved her head to raise money for a cancer charity and we jumped at the opportunity to do a shoot with a bit of a twist. It called for something dramatic and edgy but we wanted to keep it beautiful also.....we began planning the look 2 weeks before and and on the day all involved were very excited to get going.

Using face paints I began to form a mask across the face, then set with black glitter eyeshadow, the studs were stuck on using eyelash glue and facepaints were used for the black lipstick to ensure a durable and solid colour. I used graftobians hd crème foundation specially formulated for photography makeup, this foundation is far too heavy for every day use but looks amazing on camera. The look was simple yet striking and I absolutely love the result.

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