Saturday, 19 October 2013

Fire shoot with John Denton, Lotte Saedcantas and Nicola Richards

After working with the Dentons previously we had spoke about doing some creative works together so when John approached me to do a big fire shoot with Lotte I jumped at the opportunity. The very talented Nicola Richards was also involved to do the hair making for a very fun team.

It was a fun packed day full of paint and hairspray.....lots of hairspray!! We started with a toned down version of the end product we had planned, I used red face paints to create the v shape body paint which stopped just around Lotte's jawline, I then got to work on the face creating a flame effect from the eyes. John took some headshots of the makeup and hair then we got to REALLY play, covering Lotte in black paint, Nicola made her hair HUGE! and the makeup was adjusted to carry off such a crazy look. John then did his magic with his camera and the result is phenomenal....

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